Microsoft Advertising extends Shopping campaigns to more markets

Microsoft Advertising’s Shopping campaigns will roll out in new markets in Latin America over the coming weeks, the company announced Tuesday. In addition, Marketing with Purpose attributes will become available globally, multi-asset Audience Ads are being tested in closed beta and the company also plans to roll out seasonality adjustments for automated bidding this month.

New markets for Shopping campaigns. Shopping campaigns will become available for brands advertising in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela over the next few weeks. Advertisers will also be able to extend Shopping campaigns to the Microsoft Audience Network as well.

Marketing with Purpose attributes now available globally. Microsoft’s Marketing with Purpose business attributes, which first launched in September 2021, are now available in all markets.

An example of a Marketing with Purpose attribute
An example of a Marketing with Purpose attribute. Image: Microsoft Advertising.

Marketing with Purpose business attributes help advertisers convey unique selling propositions within their ads. There are now 32 attributes available across four categories: Inclusion, Environmental, Community/social responsibility and Accessibility. 

Multi-asset Audience Ads in pilot. Microsoft is now testing multi-asset Audience Ads. With this update, advertisers can add up to 16 images, up to 15 short headlines, up to five long headlines, and up to five descriptions for the platform to automatically match and serve the best performing combinations to audiences.

Interested advertisers can opt into this pilot by reaching out to their Microsoft Advertising account representative.

Google Import gets more support. Those that import their campaigns from Google Ads are now able to also import their image extensions into search and audience campaigns via Google Import. Advertisers can find their imported image assets in their image library.

Seasonality adjustments for automated bidding. Seasonality adjustments for automated bidding will roll out later this month. This feature is supported for Search campaigns (including Search campaigns extended to the Microsoft Audience Network), Shopping campaigns and Dynamic Search Ads campaigns.

Why we care. These updates, which are designed to offer advertisers better automation and more capabilities, are another installment in a years-long streak of incremental improvements for Microsoft Advertising. 

The expansion of Shopping campaigns, for example, provides advertisers with another non-Google channel they can use to reach their audiences in Latin America. Multi-asset Audience Ads may soon have more input fields, which Microsoft Advertising’s systems can use to generate more combinations that may potentially resonate with more customers. Seasonality adjustments for automated bidding can help address short-term fluctuations without a long-term effect on learning. And, the company continues to show its commitment to making the transition from Google Ads to Microsoft Advertising seamless through its steady buildout of Google Import features.

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