Microsoft Advertising Editor rolls out support for Microsoft Audience Network campaigns

The Microsoft Advertising Editor has been updated to support Microsoft Audience Network campaigns, the company announced Thursday.

Why we care. Previously, advertisers could only manage their Microsoft Audience Network campaigns via the associated interface or an API. Now, they can also do so through the Microsoft Advertising Editor, enabling them to monitor and tweak their Audience Network campaigns offline as well.

The features roadmap. Microsoft plans to add support for more Audience Network capabilities within the ads editor, including new ad creation, full ad previews, feed-based campaign creation and image uploading. The company did not announce a timeline for these features.

The growth of the Microsoft Audience Network. Over the last year or so, Microsoft has been diligently expanding its Audience Network, the company’s offering for placing Audience Ads on its properties, which includes sites like MSN, and Microsoft Edge as well as other Microsoft Advertising partners.

In September 2021, the company piloted video and vertical-based product ads on the Audience Network. In November 2021, the network expanded to 18 new markets in Europe, Central and South America. And, days before this announcement, the company extended Microsoft Advertising Shopping campaigns to the Audience Network.

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