Gmail campaigns to stop running on June 28

Google has announced that dedicated Gmail campaigns will no longer run as of June 28. The company notified affected advertisers about this change via email on January 18. You may also see the announcement within your Google Ads interface (shown below).

The “Learn more” link in the screenshot above points to the “About Discovery campaigns” help page. Tip of the hat to @PPCGreg on Twitter for bringing this to our attention.

Why we care. Google broadcasted this change when it announced that standalone Gmail campaigns would become “read-only” beginning in July 2021. Since then, advertisers haven’t been able to create new or edit existing standalone Gmail ads or campaigns.

Now, we have an official deprecation date. Advertisers that still rely on their standalone Gmail campaigns should find other alternatives (such as Discovery campaigns) to test out well ahead of the deadline so that they can minimize any performance impacts before June 28 comes around.

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