What are backlinks in SEO & Why are they so important for your Website? When you start learning SEO, one word you will hear is “backlink” or “incoming link.” why? Because they still play an important role in search engine optimization and ranking, especially on Google.

Backlinks are not easy to obtain, but those sites with strong incoming links from other sites enjoy a higher level of Google trust, which in turn translates into higher rankings.

What is a Backlink?

Backlinks are links from one domain to another. It is called an “outbound link” for a website that links it, and an “inbound link” for a website that receives a link.

If you think about it, the Internet is a collection of domain names, web pages, and links. The term World Wide Web is derived from the fact that various websites published on the Internet are connected by links to format the network.

Therefore, when one website links to another website, backlinks are generated. This is different from a link to a page on the same website. These are called internal links.

Why are backlinks important for SEO?

Why are all webmasters and search engine optimization experts crazy about backlinks in SEO and link building? What is the value of supporting points to your website? This story can be traced back to 1996, when Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google founders) used the number of backlinks to websites as one of the signals used by Google’s ranking algorithm.

The Role of backlinks in Google’s Ranking Algorithm

The idea is simple and still works today: Backlinks act as a vote of confidence, and websites with more backlinks should occupy a higher position in Google SERPS. Of course, the situation has changed since the beginning of the 21st century. It is no longer a digital game, but more high-quality games, that is, websites with higher-quality backlinks that get better rankings.

Are backlinks still important today?

The answer is simple. Yes, backlinks are still important for SEO. All research related to search engine optimization believes that in terms of Google ranking, the website with the strongest link will appear in the highest position of Google.

The Importance of SEO Link Building

A quick introduction to SEO

 The main goal of search engine optimization is to optimize the website in order to get the maximum exposure in different search engines, especially Google. To achieve this, you first need to ensure that search engine crawlers can access and index your website pages without problems (known as technical search engine optimization).

Then you need to work on your pages (one by one) and make sure they provide search engines with the correct signals related to page structure, page title, title, meta description (called on-page search engine optimization). At the same time, you need to optimize your content for search engines and users (called content search engine optimization).

If you perform the above actions correctly and consistently within a reasonable period of time (at least a few months), you will begin to notice that some of your pages will appear near the first page of Google. Although this is a good start, your organic traffic is still at a low level because most Google users click on one of the top 5 search results.

Therefore, unless you rank in the top 5 of the keywords you need, you won’t get that much traffic.

How to improve your ranking and get one of the top 5 positions that can bring you more traffic?

The answer is “backlinks.” Off-Page SEO service and Backlinks Off-Page SEO is used to describe the process of promoting your website on the Internet to obtain references (links) from other websites.

 Why is this important?

The algorithm regards backlinks as one of the factors indicating the popularity of the website in the ranking process. A website with a large number of backlinks is considered more popular than other websites, so it has a higher ranking.


 20 websites are blogging on exactly the same topic. They all publish high-quality content, fast, easy to use, and provide users with a good experience. When users enter related queries in Google, which websites will be displayed on SERPS? This is where backlinks in SEO come into play. Websites linked from other related websites on the Internet will appear in the highest position and get traffic.

Backlinks make the site stronger and more popular

Note that when a website has many backlinks to it, the size of the website will become larger. I have mentioned that although backlinks are important for search engine optimization, they are not exactly a digital game. In other words, it is not how many links you have, but the source of those links.

What is a good backlink?

Good backlinks that can positively influence your ranking have the following characteristics:

  • It comes from a related website
  • It is not attached to the nofollow attribute of the link attribute
  • It comes from a website with high Google trust and domain authority.
  • It comes from a high-quality website

What is a bad backlink?

A bad backlink has the following characteristics:

  • This is the price paid
  • This is the result of link exchange
  • It comes from a low-quality website
  • It comes from a website with low Google trust and low domain authority
  • It comes from a website with little or no original content
  • Its sole purpose is to manipulate Google ranking

A website with a lot of toxic backlinks may cause Google penalties for the website or specific webpages and lose its Google rankings. So it’s better to use the black hat seo method if one aims to increase the site ranking.

Introduction to link building

As Google began to grow, webmasters realized that in order to get Google traffic, they must rank high in Google search results. To rank high in Google, you need backlinks, so webmasters are looking for ways to get more links to their websites. This process is called link building in the SEO world. Since the original Google ranking algorithm was easy to operate, the situation quickly got out of control.

This gradually had a negative impact on the quality of Google search results, and they (Google Quality Team) decided it was time to take steps to protect their reputation. One of the actions they took was to introduce follow and nofollow links.

Follow and disregard links by default, all links are “follow” links. This means that when search engine crawlers find a link to another domain, they will follow it and treat it as a vote of confidence from one domain to another.

This creates problems for advertisements that contain links, comments and other types of links that are used only for information purposes, or links to untrusted content. When you add an advertising platform (such as adsense) to your website, you don’t want the links in the ads to pass page rank from your website to advertisers.

To solve this problem, search engines agreed to use the nofollow attribute or white hat seo for links. This is just an attribute that you can add to the link to instruct search engine crawlers not to follow a specific link.

NoFollow link

The introduction of the nofollow attribute solves the problem of advertisements, comments and other links that webmasters want to add to their website without passing on the value to other websites. Google penalize another measure to Google in order to maintain the quality of search results is taken trying to buy links, link exchange or participate in the use of low-quality content (usually in the article directory) flooded the network to manipulate their algorithm to punish sites in order to get a link to its website. Google not only penalizes the website that receives the link, but also the website where the link is located.

How to create backlinks?

White Hat Seo or Natural link building and is the safest and most effective way to obtain these valuable backlinks. As the name implies, it must obtain links from other websites in a natural way. In other words, other webmasters, such as your website and your content, they naturally add links to your page by providing guest post service. This is not a theoretical concept, it works very effectively, but in order to achieve this, you need to make sure you have an excellent website with high-quality content that is worth linking to.

This is how Google envisions the web, where websites publish useful content and other websites that link to them to express their trust. Google collects these signals and displays these sites at the top of search results. The problem is that you may have great content on your website, but no one will link to it unless other people know it.

What can you do?

 Use social media marketing to promote your website to people who might be interested in linking to it. This means using social media networks to connect with other bloggers, journalists, influencers, and let them know you exist. This is not an easy task, but if you want to create a lasting online business, then you need to connect with other people. It’s like marketing your physical business in the real world. In both cases, contacting the right people is important such as Blogger / Influencer Outreach.

In addition to social media, another tool you can use in link building activities is email outreach or by getting a guest post service. The idea is the same as above, but instead of using social media networks, you use email to connect with other bloggers and industry influencers to introduce your work and website. The process is as follows:

  • Create a beautiful, insightful and superb content that other webmasters can link to without any problems.
  • Create a list of websites/blogs covering similar topics
  • Find the contact information of the blogger
  • Create custom emails and contact them to let them know about your work and tell them why they should consider linking to your content.

This sounds simple in theory, but in order for the above process to work, you first need to make sure that your content provides value to the reader and is worth linking to the second, you write a personalized email instead of a generic email requesting a link.

You can use tools like SEMRUSH to find outbound links found on other websites that have been broken, that is, they point to a non-existent page. This is normal, because many websites may go offline or because the webmaster has typed incorrect links.

Therefore, you can help them by understanding broken links and you can also provide them with ready-made solutions. Most webmasters will appreciate this action and link to your website happily.

A big problem with this method is that you need to spend a lot of time looking for broken links related to your content, which is not very easy to do.

Guest publishing

Guest post is the process by which you publish an article created on another website as a guest author. In the body of the article or the author’s bio, you include a link to your website.

The process is as follows:

  • You can find sites related to your niche that accepts contributions from guest authors’ posts.
  • You sent them an email containing your proposal (article to be written, why they should accept your post, etc.)
  • In the article, you added a link to your website.
  • If you publish an article on a high-quality website and the link is dofollow, the visitor who posted the link, is a good way to improve the link profile.

Competitive Backlink Research

Once you start building links, you will soon find that it is too difficult to find sites that you are willing to link to. One way to increase your chances is to learn about sites that you have linked to other sites. In other words, if a website is already linked to one of your competitors, then you have more opportunities to get links from them, as long as you have good things to provide them and you approach them correctly.

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