Guest blogging is an extremely stable method of building email lists that allows you to connect with new people in the market, which ultimately benefits your best blog site. The best part of the guest post services UK is that it allows you to enter an established community and share your news. Make friends with other best bloggers through guest posts, and you will expand your influence on social media, which will eventually lead to more blog subscribers.

Table of Websites that Accept Guest Posts

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Berkeley University of Calefornia



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Guest blogging is a technique used by bloggers to increase blog traffic. The best bloggers write posts and publish them on other blogs. You can write a post to appear on other people’s blogs. Although, other people can write a post to appear on your blog as well.

The contribution of high-quality guest posts authoritative and relevant blog and website is an effective way to increase traffic and improve the search engine rankings. However, finding the right website for visitor posting and who to submit your content to can be little bit tricky. Guest Posting is Beneficial for Webmasters if they aim to target relevant audience. Guest posting is popular in the digital world and people opt guest posting to get backlinks for their website.

Google has recently updated their webmaster guidelines (in English), the focus is on “creating little or no original content” and an example of “collecting content or posting posts by visitors” regarding plagiarism from other websites.

Google has been emphasizing on cracking down on guest postings for the purpose of seo this year. Many seoers have always been very fond of guest blog posts. It can be seen from the update of the google administrator guide that if you still use this as the source of key links seoer should pay attention.

Here is a list where you can publish a list of blog and contribute your content in 2020, which will help to improve the ranking and organic traffic to your site.

High Ranking Blog Site

A guest blog is one of the best ways to get backlinks. If you are increasing the value of your discussion, this has won hundreds of new loyal readers, fans and followers. You must choose a high ranking blog site to post your guest blog to get high quality, targeted and niche specific backlinks.


The following is a sort able and categorized list of high-quality blogs and websites that allow guest posts and submit guest post contributions to you.

1) is the platform that allows the individual in achieving the targeted traffic by getting guest post service. has 75 DA. It helps you in getting Indexed Post In any Search Engine. It has Traffic 1.15K that will surely help you in ranking your site in Google Search Engine. has 35 PA and 2.03M Alexa Rank. provides high quality backlinks to your website that will definitely increase the site ranking and traffic as well. has SEMrush SE Traffic 1.14K.

2) is a popular guest posting site that ensures the individual in getting highest rank of the website in Google Search engine. has DA 93 PA 78. has SEMrush SE Traffic 1.14K. has 2.03M Alexa Rank. One can get the high quality backlinks by getting guest post services usa from It is already indexed in google that means that your website will be easily indexed if you get backlinks from It has a huge 3.6M traffic.

3) is the site that accepts guest post services and helps the one in achieving highest rank in Google Search engine or any other search engine. It provides high quality backlinks. It has the high DA 93 PA 74 that ensures the website ranking. has SEMrush SE Traffic 1.14K. has 2.03M Alexa Rank. It has 850K Traffic.

4) is the common platform for guest posting that ensure the high quality backlinks with indexed ranking in any search engine you wished for. It has 6.1K Traffic. It also provides do follow backlinks.  As Cggs.Act.Edu is ranked in Google, it helps the individual in achieving the targeted traffic. Cggs.Act.Edu has DA 75 PA 35.

5) is the leading platform of blogs where you can contribute to the guest post. This is the most common website that you can use for guest posting if you want to achieve the targeted audience for your website and aimed to get indexed in Google Search Engine. It has DA 92 PA 43. It also provides do-follow backlinks and has Traffic 1.1M traffic. It has 2.03M Alexa Rank.

6) allows complete guide for guest posting. It also provides do follow backlinks and has 2.03M Alexa Rank. helps the one in getting ranked high in Google and to get the targeted audience. has a high DA 75 PA 35 and its Traffic is 1K. It provides Indexed Post in top Search Engines. It ensures that the website gets the huge targeted traffic by providing guest post services.

7) is a website that offers guest posting services to other sites that get them indexed in Google search Engine easily. The website has a huge traffic and high DA. also provides high quality backlinks and Dofollow Backlinks.It has high DA 53 PA 56. has 12.3K Traffic and 2.03M Alexa Rank that helps the individual in ranking his site.

8) is a platform that is common in the digital marketing industry that provides guest posting service that ensures the indexed post in any search engine one can wish for. It has huge traffic that increases the targeted audience of the website. It has high DA 58 PA 60 and 37.1K Traffic. also provides do-follow backlinks that ultimately increase the site rankings and increases the traffic of the website.

These are the few popular blogs that accept guest posts.

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