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About Linkerbuzz

“Digital Marketing done in the right way should lead to predictable results. Our main aim is to provide the best quality to ensure that you are working on Guest Posting Campaigns that are highly relevant and effective.”

Guest posting doesn’t mean to submit your anchor URL and get your post live. It should be durable and well planned. Guest posting is something that determines an individual to get satisfactory results. Email is the best way to collaborate and verbally communicate with the company. If you want your guest post in top search results through our 15000+ sites, you can surely communicate with us. 

We have a long experience in guest posting services. We offer guest posting on linker buzz that has grown up to 15000+ sites till now. Our platform knows the whole guest posting process. We have high authority websites. We do offer permanent do-follow backlinks. We offer guest positing that is natural and unique. We have designed a great platform for our clients that will satisfy your needs. We promote negotiation with the clients. 

We are glad to know that you are collaborating with us. Thank you so much for the swift response.  It’s an immense honor for us to work with you.  It’s a pleasure that you find https://linkerbuzz.com/ worthy for guest posting. We are assuring you that you will find our company attractive and worthy for your campaign.

Linkerbuzz is a platform that provides sponsored guest posting. We will assure you that after first collaboration with our company, you will love to place more orders for our different sites on daily basis. We provide all services of guest posting. We allow post publishing with one way do-follow back link as well. We accept all kinds of niche.”

Linkerbuzz – Instant Guest Posts Service

It is an instant guest posting site that adds your internal and external links so that your site will get more traffic. We try to enhance SEO. We’ll try to provide your anchor URL in a natural way so that it can make a sense and doesn’t look irrelevant. Our quality is always complete work on time. Our maximum time of the task is 24 to 48 hours.

Why Choose Linkerbuzz.com

We’ll provide you high-quality guest posts for your anchor URL. You can find every kind of niche that is relevant to your anchor URL for guest posting. We will make sure that you are satisfied with our work. You can find out the niche that you want to pick for guest posting as we have 15000 plus sites on Linkerbuzz, we will collaborate with you for guest posting on that niche. We’ll let you know all the terms and conditions. We’ll create a good communication environment and make sure that you are comfortable. You can contact us for any kind of guest posts and we’ll try to ensure satisfying results. You will not regret working with us.

Can Anyone List Their Website On Linkerbuzz?

Yes. We are looking into it. In Future We are trying to compensate the freelancers who are experts in off-page SEO on our site as well so that they can get benefits from our site as well. We will allow you to list your website on our site. It’s a quite good way to enhance your site traffic and increase your income as well. You will stay in charge of your site even after listing on our site. We’ll allow you to verbally communicate with the clients directly. We’ll give you the whole control over the guest posting managing process. We’ll try to make you feel comfortable so that you can communicate with us properly. You can approve the client’s URL and start the guest posting process. Make sure that you have an approved site. Approved sites rank quickly and get more sales. You will be able to get premium clients as well.

All Niche Accepted 

Some companies and blogs don’t accept these kinds of niche guest posts but we do accept these guest posts as well. This is the best point of our site. You can feel free to send any kind of guest post that is relevant to any niche. We will do guess posting for you according to your need. We will make sure that our site will provide high authority back links and high quality sites for your anchor URL and keywords. You can contact us for any niche. We provide permanent do-follow back links for SEO also.

Content Marketing 

We will provide you the best and high quality content for your anchor URL guest posting. We’ll ensure that the content we are providing is informative and well researched. We will provide unique content for your site. We’ll provide minimum 700-1000 words article for guest posting on a relevant site. We’ll make sure that the content we are providing is plagiarism free. We don’t include even 1% plagiarism in our article so you don’t need to worry about the content. The provided content will be high quality as well as unique. We are highly experienced professionals. We are expert in content writing for tenures. All you need to do is, just sent us your decided keywords and anchor URL. You will get your article as soon as possible for your guest post. You can also let us know if you need any kind of changes in the provided article. 

Customer Satisfaction

We try to satisfy customers 100%. We will make sure that the customer is satisfied at the completion of guest posting. Customer satisfaction is our priority. We’ll try to clear all your queries before making a deal with you. You can ask us for any changes in the relevant guest post if you want to, we’ll surely work on it. We have an online 24/7 customer support so you can feel free to contact us anytime you want to. We’ll try to respond your queries as soon as possible. We’ll try to clear your mind about questions related to different sites on linkerbuzz. 

Completion of Task

Once we get the order for guest posting, we’ll try to do your work as quick as we can. We mostly take 24 to 48 hours or one to two working days maximum for a single guest post. We allow our clients and customers to pay after the completion of task. We don’t demand to pay first, before guest posting. Once you are satisfied with our services, you can pay us anytime. There’s no hurry. Customer has to satisfy first, that’s our priority and policy. Once the customer is satisfied with our guest posting service, he will surely contact us again for the relevant niche for guest posting.

Money-back Guarantee

 We do offer 90 Days money-back guarantee. You will not find this amazing service on any other site. Once the client has cleared the payment and he found out something wrong in the guest posting service, he has a right to claim his money back.

What we do?

We’ll try to get your guest post live as soon as we can. We’ll give you live link of your post instantly. So there’s no need to worry about the time period, you will get your live link within one or two working days. 

More Traffic on Your Site 

We’ll try to ensure that your site will come in indexed post in search engine so that your site will get more traffic of clients that will help you to enhance your business. We’ll try to manage your site in the top search results through our guest posting services.


  • We’ll try to do a verbal communication with our clients through emails. 
  • We’ll not ask for customer’s CVs.
  • You can find 15000+ sites on linker buzz.
  • We’ll give you a money-back guarantee if you don’t like our service.
  • You can check the reviews of other clients.

Why to go for Linkerbuzz & Not Other Platforms?

We offer guest posting services in a reasonable price as compared to other platforms. You will see a remarkable difference of prices. Fiverr, Upwork, and BlackHatWorld don’t provide that much satisfactory results of guest posting and they don’t even give money back guarantee as we do. We are growing in digital marketplace rapidly.

Future Planning

We have added more than 15000 sites on our site till now. We are trying to add more. We are growing faster. We are working on new high quality tools as well.  We’ll assure you the best guest posting services through our database. Our clients are satisfied with our services because we do provide all kinds of niche. 

Payment Methods

Payment accepted via PayPal. You can pay us securely through PayPal as it is the most secured method. We’ll assure you that your information will be fully protected. We try to make sure that our clients can feel more satisfied and comfortable. You can feel free to trust us. We’ll complete your task and try to provide best and satisfying services. 

If you have any sort of queries, you can send us an email and we’ll try to respond to you as soon as possible. We are anxiously waiting for your feedback. Thank you.