8 Tips to Optimize SEO for Higher Traffic in 2022


Are you wondering how to optimize SEO to drive more website traffic? 

In today’s market you have to have an effective SEO strategy so when buyers are searching for your products they find you. 

We have gathered the top 8 tips to optimize SEO in 2022 to increase website traffic. 

  • Analyze organic keywords 
  • Update meta descriptions
  • Repurpose content 
  • Add alt text for images
  • Include more links
  • Fix dead pages
  • Promote local
  • Prioritize mobile 

Analyze organic keywords

Discover what keywords are driving customers to your website. Audit organic keywords to learn which have the highest search volumes and intent behind a search. 

Update meta descriptions

The meta description is the block of text that appears after your content title. Update it to reflect products or positioning, and clearly state why a user should click to read more.

Repurpose old content

Old content doesn’t have to stay old, especially if it deserves more attention. Convert old blog posts into a video, transform white papers into podcasts or create audio versions for them. 

Add alt text to images

Alt text (alternative text), is a short description of an image. When posting new images to your website, make sure to include targeted and descriptive keywords so they’re easily found on search engines. 

Include more links

Link whenever appropriate.  Google crawls each page on your site and wants to see that you’ve linked to other articles around the one you’ve posted, and helps them understand your content. We’re linking in this text to give you an example. 

Fix dead pages

Avoid sending visitors to web pages that don’t exist. Periodically check for backlinks to dead pages and reroute them to similar offerings or something topic relevant, so visitors have reason stay engaged.

Promote local

If your business has a physical location or services a specific area, make sure to show up under local search queries. It’s less competitive compared to broad searches so you’ll be more visible.

Prioritize mobile

Mobile-first approaches are becoming more critical. Google looks at your mobile content when indexing, so make optimizing it a priority so it’s crawled and ranked by search engines. 

These 8 SEO tips are fundamentals of what should be a much larger search engine optimization strategy. Some you may think because you’ve done it once already, that’s good enough. It’s not. SEO is an ongoing practice and if done correctly can make significant impact on your website traffic. 

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